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NRB Metals, a privately owned company, priding itself and specializing in producing and delivering the highest quality castings. We are committed to excellence in our workmanship and our customer satisfaction by meeting all their specified needs with on time delivery. It is our mission to provide superior and high quality castings to a vast array of end users. NRB Metals uses induction melting furnaces to efficiently produce many different grades of ferrous castings. We are a sand casting foundry that uses no-bake molding. We are ecologically friendly. We provide significant production flexibility and can support wide variations in sales volume.


Metals Poured

Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Hi-Chrome Iron (White Iron), Ni-Hard, Ni-Resist Iron, Aluminum



Chemical AnalysisPhysical AnalysisBrinell Hardness,

Pressure Testing



Every casting is visually inspected according to the MSS-SP-55 Spec.

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